halloween, not according to plan

The original plan for Halloween this year was for us to go up to Knoxville for an award that was being given to a friend.  We wanted to be there to congratulate her and a lot of our friends up there haven’t seen Ginny ever and we’ve been wanting to catchup with folks.

That plan got derailed by the various successive illnesses in our collective household.  First my mom got sick, then Martin, then me, then my dad.  Energy levels are shot and we finally had to cancel our trip in the face of utter exhaustion.

Enter plan B.

Dress Ginny up, dress ourselves up, go energetically trick-or-treating round the neighborhood.

That got derailed by the weather.  Nasty ucky rainy weather.

Enter plan C.

Stay home.  Set the yard up to encourage trick-or-treaters to come to US. Stay home.  Dress up ourselves and the baby, greet loads of people energetically and with enthusiasm.

That got derailed by the aforementioned exhaustion factor.  And the rain kept all but two small groups of brave trick-or-treaters from our door.  Add to that – Ginny started running a fever on Friday night (just 99.2) so we didn’t bother to make her get dressed up.

We stayed home all weekend.  I didn’t leave the house from Friday night till Monday morning.  Our family came over and watched Corpse Bride.

So, you ask, was it a bad weekend?


decidedly no.

It didn’t go according to plan, but it was a great weekend.


well let’s see.

  • Martin got a job this week and he started work on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Ginny’s fever was just enough to make her very very cuddly all weekend, so I spent almost the whole weekend with a sweet baby girl in my arms who just wanted to be loved on.  That was a huge treat.
  • It turns out that I DID lose five pounds last week.  Just from being sick.  I’m still mostly just eating crackers and water.  so maybe that will continue…..
  • Yes, okay, Georgia lost their football game, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
  • Texas moved up in the polls.  Which, while unfair to Alabama (how can you drop in the polls when you didn’t even play?) is still good for one of my favorite teams.  Actually I like all three of the top three right now, so it is hard to have a bad football weekend.
  • The Saints won’t beat my Falcons up til tonight, so that doesn’t count as part of the weekend.
  • Ginny is only drinking from a cup now.  We went cold turkey off her bottle and she adjusted beautifully.  She is a little short on fluids at the moment, but she is catching up nicely.
  • (selfish pleasure alert) I had the best costume at work on Friday. Not according to some contest, but my admittedly subjective opinion.
  • I just got to register for an event in Houston January 2010 that I’ve been looking forward to since January 2009.

I’ve got some really cute photos of Ginny in our church pumpkin patch from last week that I need to post.

Basically it was a good weekend spent a home in the comfort of family and simple treasures.  What were your blessings this weekend?


4 thoughts on “halloween, not according to plan

  1. Sorry it didn’t work out. But I always remind myself – we have LOTS more Halloweens etc coming up…lots and lots. This year is not the end-all-be-all.

    And your good news was REALLY good. 🙂

    So was the cuddling with the baby. My word I love that girl.


  2. You’re just experiencing life in huge helpings. It seems to me that I never have only one plan, always B&C.
    Missed you at church, but can understand why. Please hurry back, us fat ankled altos could really use your voice. Have a productive week.


  3. Sounds like fun, and I’m so glad that Martin got a job … hope it’s one that he’s happy with!

    YES! He has been trying to get this job for 7 years. Not the part-time version, but hey, it’s a start!


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