Ginny’s 14th month

Here are photos from the pumpkin patch, Halloween and just hanging around the house.

can I have this one mommy?

so many to pick from!

I know I want this little one

I'll help take them to the car

14 months old 037

this shows teh outfit a little better. She was a wings 'cause she is just out of the egg.....


climbing the slide

14 months old 160
slide down
14 months old 198
bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy funfunfunfunfun!
14 months old 242
sorting leaves with daddy
14 months old 234
the big pumpkin at our door
14 months old 235
the other pumpkin at our door
14 months old 249
welcome to my house!

4 thoughts on “Ginny’s 14th month

  1. AWWWWW! How adorable!!!! Thanks for putting them up Deirdre! I still cant believe how fast she is growing! Eskimo kisses please. = )

    I put up more photos on the FB page. and yes, she gets Eskimo kisses every day.


  2. She is getting so big!!

    Thanks for caring that I went to blog sleep for a while. I’m going to try just jumping into the right now rather than worrying about catching up before starting back.

    Beth was amazing. She reminded me about sharing joy and how important it was to be praising for those joys.

    Love coming back and catching up!

    Welcome back!!!


  3. Getting big fast, huh? She looks so grown up in the last pic. Pics of Solvi online soon! We had our formal c’mas pics taken – very cute too. Glad to read about Martin’s job. Hope all is going well!


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