christmas card photos

I just realized that I have photos of Ginny that I haven’t shared on the blog yet.  What has gotten into me?  I’m neglecting Ginny’s fans! (tongue firmly in cheek here by the way)

These were mostly taken at Target for use on our Christmas cards

classic, white t-shirts, white background.

is it just me or does Ginny look like she is planning a prank here? something about that smile.......

we promised Grand Mama Altie that we would get a shot of Ginny in this chair. I just wish I had seen that her pants leg had gotten pushed up....

we took a bunch with our Christmas clothing on too, but they didn't turn out as well and Martin was having to sing the whole time to keep Ginny smiling

...which makes for some odd expressions.....

this was the final Christmas card.

So there you have it.

By the way, we are very upset that our favorite Target is closing!  It is the only one in Georgia that is closing and they just had to take MY Target !!! Life will never be the same again.


4 thoughts on “christmas card photos

  1. Is it the Target in Stone Mountain? Mom said the one by her was closing. Im surprised- it seems busy every time I am in there.

    Yes, the one in Stone Mountain.


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