a visit to hooters


we took our 16 month old baby girl to Hooters.

please don’t call out the Department of child Services on me yet okay.

there were extenuating circumstances.

We were in Knoxville, visiting friends.  Lots of friends.  We had been bouncing about from party to party (not boozing, just social gatherings) and the occasional break for shopping.  It was Saturday.  We had one last stop to make at Liz’s house and then we were heading out of town.

Liz’s party wasn’t scheduled to start till 4 p.m.

by which point we were scheduled to be on the road back to Atlanta.

Liz very graciously said that we could come by early so that we could hang out and see her and her hubby for a while.  We knew they would be doing party prep, but we were hoping to be as little of an intrusion as possible and still enjoy some time together.

To help us be as little bother as possible, we felt we should eat before arriving.

So there we were.  Shopping was done, we were driving down a commercial street filled with lots of expensive eateries and I saw a sign  that said

“kids eat free before 6 p.m.”

okay, sold.

me – Honey, let’s go there.

him – where?

me – there.  hooters.

him – WHAT ?!?!!!!!! you didn’t just seriously say that we were going to Hooters for lunch.

me *sheepishly*- yes.  the food is decent. or so I hear and I’m in the mood for wings, AND KIDS EAT FREE so Ginny’s $7.00 chicken strips or whatever will be FREE

(can you tell the word FREE had gotten lodged in my brain?)

him – ooooookkaaaa-ay. If you’re sure.

me – yup.  FREE food.  How bad can it be?

Now in all fairness, yes, I know that the entire Hooters business model involves exploitation of women’s bodies. and NO I AM NOT IN FAVOR OF THAT.  However I must say that the outfits were much less offensive than I recalled from my one other time in the restaurant way back when I was an insecure 21 year old.

And guess what? the food was good.  I liked the medium spicy wings. The wait staff was very knowledgable and didn’t …um….thrust themselves upon my husband notice.

and people…the place was CRAWLING with kids.  Families, 3 generations at one table, babies, toddlers….I was stunned.

No I would never take a child there who was old enough to be ….interested in the attributes of the women on all the posters and the wait staff.  But for another year or two, it will be a decent place to take Ginny when we want her to get a free lunch and mommy is hungry for wings.

To his credit my sweet hubby had never been in a Hooters before and declared himself to be unimpressed by the…..scenery.  ( I LOVE my man!)

now the $64,000 question –

How did Ginny take all this?


There’s the rub.  See it took us so long to find somewhere to eat lunch that by the time we parked and turned to get her out of her car seat, she was asleep.  We figured that she would wake up when we got her out of the car.  Nope, still snoozin’.  Okay, the walk across the parking lot will certainly wake her up, the air is so cold up here!  Nope, still snoozin’. Okay, perhaps putting her in her high chair will awaken our sleeping beauty….nope.

she lay back in her chair for a second

then slowly rolled her head forward

and gently rested it……on. the. table.

still snoozin’

the wait staff…oh alright, the hooter’s girls kept coming to ask to have their picture taken with our sweet baby girl ’cause they thought she was so beautiful and cute.  Martin raised Ginny’s head at one point and put his hat under her face so she would have something resembling a pillow.

So we have no idea what Ginny’s opinion of her first Hooter’s visit was….

she slept right through it.

Eventually she woke up and enjoyed the chicken fingers very much on the drive home.  But we will have to wait till next time to find out her true opinion of the place.


5 thoughts on “a visit to hooters

  1. lol! Great pix. I have heard that the Hooters in Snellville is (or at least used to be) very family friendly. Guess it depends on the location. I haven’t been to one in years, but I liked the wings when I went and the Hooters Girls (who were wore much tinier tops back then were very nice. Hoo knew?


  2. Hey Dierde!

    First off – HA! great story! Secondly, thanks for stopping by my pitiful little blog! 🙂 I’m not sure that the grandparents are really and truly “on board” with minimizing the “stuff” (and it doesn’t at all help that Joanna’s birthday is December 23rd and AJ’s is today – lots of excuses for giving gifts!), but they’ve at least been marginally respectful of my wishes. For the most part. Sometimes.

    I kid. I was pleasantly surprised with how little we managed to come home with, and how much of it was either stuff that I’d actually asked for (clothes for them) or at least good quality stuff that they really liked (Joanna’s dolls).

    We still get the random “I was at the consignment shop and this was just too cute” from my MIL and “I was at Dollar Tree…” from my mom, and my MIL has decided that she wants to have a bag that the kids will know has a “small” gift in it for them, so that every time they see her (and the bag), then then run over to her wanting, not her, but stuff. Still rather confused by that one. But whatever.

    It really helps that we have four people, a cat, a piano, and a 55 gal fish tank in a small 2-br condo, so they can see for themselves that we _really_ don’t have any space.

    It’ll get _much_ harder when we’re in a larger space, but I _still_ don’t want more stuff.

    Anyway, sorry for the novella….hope to see you around the internets!


  3. Love it! I think it is fun to see Christians being light hearted about this stuff. Too often it is so easy to be so sanctimonious that we are just miserable. (And of course you didn’t take a preteen boy there.. )

    Love your blog-I will be back:-)

    thanks Kelly!


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