my version of global warming

happens every time I see this face

melting.....mommy is melting.

And then there is this

Ginny and Papa

and this

Annabelle & Ginny

and then there is this

here, have some snow

Ginny always wants to share.  Even when it is just a handful of snow.

Papa & Ginny go sledding

Wouldn’t you melt too?  yup.  I thought so.

Here’s the new words report for this month –

  • broccoli (currently pronounced “bah-key”)  as she eats tiny raw pieces of said vegetable right out of my hand.  Yes.  This tiny child willingly eats broccoli.  I am so blessed that sometimes I just can’t stand it)
  • Grammy (currently pronounced “ammy”) meaning my mother Ann.
  • Up  is currently being used a lot.  Meaning is “pick me up”
  • Banana (currently being pronounced as “ana”) this is her ultimate favorite food.
  • Apple (currently being pronounced as “appa”)
  • Nose and eyes are both words that she says completely correctly
  • Ears, feet, belly button, toes, fingers, thumb and mouth are items that she will point to if you say it for her.
  • If you hold up your fingers and give her a little bit of prompting Ginny will count as you raise your fingers “unn, tooo, treeee, oooor, eye”  Which we think is pretty amazing really.  Considering she is not yet 18 months!

Ginny will not eat out of plastic spoons any more.  She insists on a normal place setting like the other folks at the table and gets very irritated if we order or serve her something different than the grown ups.  Consequently she eats all normal foods at grown up spice levels.  Yes, she even ate the Cajun shrimp when we were in Houston.

And dipping ANY food in white queso dip from our favorite Mexican restaurant makes it better.  I personally think it is the play value of getting to dip the food in the cheese.

Ginny is learning to go down steps.  A lot of different methods are being used right now.  If the place is right for it, we let her hold onto the handrail with one hand and an adult with the other hand and go down the steps like a big person.  But if the place it not good for it, we make her turn on her tummy and crawl down.

Ginny watched ice skating with me last night and “skated” around the room, twirling and “jumping” to the music and then turned to give a rousing round of applause at the end.  I’m gonna have to see if I can get that on tape.

And just to prove that this really IS a mommy blog – She is starting to show an awareness of the condition of her diaper.  Pulling at it if it needs changing, etc… I don’t plan to give the world a play-by-play on her journey to learning adult bathroom etiquette.  But I will occasionally note developmental milestones and this is one of them.

Ginny is showing a lot of self-will these days and we are slowly working on concepts that will eventually build to things like self-control, compassion for others and obedience.  These things take time of course, for all of us (ahem are you listening self?) and we are enjoying every minute of our time with our precious, heart-melting angel.


God said it…..

… I just wish I had listened better…

One of the things we bought for Ginny for Christmas was a full DVD set of the Cedarmont Kids albums.  For any of you who are unfamiliar with this group, give yourself a treat, go get them.  Even if you don’t have kids.  Just suspend your adult-ness for a day or two.

These DVDs are packed with loads of songs that Ginny loves to dance to and “sing” along with.  She is getting active play and being indoctrinated at the same time.  All the videos are subtitled with the lyrics so she will eventually be getting reading skills too.    And it’s not just classic stuff that I remember from my childhood.  You know the ones..

“I am a C.   I am a CH.  I am a CHRISTIAN”  and “This little light of mine” and “Climb, climb up sunshine mountain” and “Do Lord, oh Do Lord, Do remember me”  and “Jesus loves me”

Those are all in there, but included are some songs that I had never heard before.  Songs that might have made a difference in my life if I had ever heard them AND managed to believe them.  Like this one, called “Every promise in the book is mine”

Every promise in the Book is mine!
Every chapter, every verse, every line.
I am standing on His Word divine,
Every promise in the Book is mine!

Pretty straightforward, eh?

I love this song.  I mean I sang about being a “son of Abraham” but I never really grasped that that meant that through Christ’s sacrifice and the fulfillment of that covenant, I personally partake of EVERY promise in the Bible.

And it is such a wonderful tune that I find myself singing it all day long.  Which is very good for me.  The soundtrack that runs in your head all day needs to be an affirming one.

Yes, the soundtrack in your head.

Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t have one.  It is there.  You may only consciously hear it when all else is quiet, but you do have one.  Mine tends to be very repetitive.  I get stuck in a groove all day.  Sort of like how you feel after coming out the “small world” ride at Disney.  That stupid song stays stuck in your head for HOURS.  If conversation around you lags or you have a moment of quiet…it floats back up to the forefront of your brain and you find yourself humming along…’s a small world after all….its a small world after all…AARRRGGH !   That’s what I mean when I say the soundtrack in your head.  So it behooves me to fill my mind and heart with good songs.  Songs that point me to God.  Otherwise I can spend all day (inadvertently) contemplating utter drivel. And who wants that?

Or this one …

Wide, wide as the ocean, high as the Heaven above;
Deep, deep as the deepest sea is my Savior’s love.
I, though so unworthy, still am a child of His care;
For His Word teaches me that His love reaches me everywhere.

I sang “Deep and Wide” enthusiastically as a child, but here again this song (which has a haunting melody by the way) addresses some of my deepest concerns.  My feelings of insecurity and shakey self worth are directly addressed by these lyrics.

And then there is this one.  This is priceless.  And what it is doing in my heart as an adult is absolutely staggering.

God said it, I believe it
That’s all that faith demands
Though heav’n and earth shall pass away
His word will stand.

I have to wonder, did it take hearing these lyrics as an adult for them to sink in?  Would I have never really understood the lyrics if had known them as a child?  It occurs to me that one of my favorite Sunday school songs as a kid has some pretty good depth to it…….

Like a tree
Like a tree
I’m like a green olive tree
in the house
in the house
of the LORD, hallelujah
I will trust
in the mercy of God
forever I will trust
in the mercy of God

This song is engraved in my mind.  And yet, I didn’t trust in God’s mercy. It never reached my heart, my blood stream.  It never became part of me.

I’ve sung this song around many a campfire and yet I’ve spent decades of my life either trying to personally make up for my sins (which isn’t possible) or feeling completely unforgivable and therefore licensed to sink into depravity.   Also a bad choice, by the way.

It is only in the last few years that I am starting to come to grips with the truth that God really does love me.  Personally.  And that I really am forgiven.  Really.  Yes, even for that.  and yup, that one too.  And oh yes, THAT one. (no, I’m not going to enumerate my sins for the world to view.  They are between me and Christ.  He washed them away and no longer remembers them)

Maybe that’s why these songs are having deep meanings for me now.

Now, they are real.

I, though so unworthy, still I’m a child of his care, for His word teaches me that His love reaches me EVERYWHERE.

Blessed reality.


lately I find myself repeating myself.


“I love you Ginny.  Mommy loves you.”

“Ginny, don’t touch that honey.  Ginny.  No.  Don’t touch that…..Ginny!”

“Come here Ginny.  that’s right, come here.  Ginny.  Over here.”

At times I wonder if she evens hears me. I think most mothers of toddlers feel this way.  The complusion to go have your child’s hearing checked is almost too strong to bear.

Then I got in the car this morning.

And thought about the 58 minutes long sermon that I have been listening to over and over and over again for the past week.  And how there are still parts of it that I NEED to hear again in order to really process them.  To internalize them.  To press them into my heart.

And it occurred to me to wonder….does God ever sigh and wonder if I can even hear Him?

“Deirdre, I love you.  You are my beloved child.  Being filled with My Joy is not an option, it is your right as  my child.  Did I mention that I love you?  Deirdre, God loves you.”

Did you know that was hard to type?  Some how it is easy for me to say

“God loves me” but actually typing it with my name as part of the sentence (as if it is being said by God to me personally) was more difficult.

Anyway, I plan to revel in repetition this year.

!!!??? what??? you ask.  Why would I want to do that?  Well, as many of you know I participated in a scripture memory team last year where we memorized one new scripture every two weeks.  I know all 24 of mine, but most of them haven’t had a chance to sink in yet.  I need more time with them.  I need to pick out a few and just dwell in them.  Study them.  Actually pull out a concordance and look up some word origins.

I don’t think it does me any good to have a bunch of scriptures banging around in my head if they never make it to my heart.

So this year is going to be about repetition.  Going over and over and over these words from God to me till I really live in them.  Comfortably.  Securely.  They need to be so much a part of me that no enemy, no demon of insecurity can rip them out of my grasp.  These verses, concepts and truths needs to flow in my veins.

And that can only be achieved, for me anyway, by going over them again and again.

Sometimes spiritually, I think I’m still a toddler….. who is hard of hearing.

valentines day just came early

ah spring!

Young love!

the adrenaline rush!

the anxiety!

the rainy day trip to the bookstore…..what?

what does a rainy day trip to the bookstore have to do with love?

Well what would you say if I told you my wonderful man got up at 7:00 a.m. this morning, on his day off, dressed our toddler girl up, complete with bow I might add, and drove an hour and a half across town, in the rain to stand in line to go to a book signing.  A book signing of an author who means a lot to us both, but really more to me.  Mostly ’cause I’m the slightly hysterical female here.

Does that sound like love to you?

it does to me.

Did I mention that he did all this and sent me updates while I was stuck at work?  Things like.  “Ginny fed, dressed and adorable. leaving house now” and “arrived in parking lot. all is well”  and “in line. 30 women. one other man”

and then came the text that said that not only had he met the author, she was very gracious and sweet….even though Ginny cried almost through the whole thing.  Oh, and he says that when he mentioned my blog name she stopped in her tracks….and said she knew who I was.  um…….Wow. Can that feeling be gift wrapped?

As far as I’m concerned I need to bring HIM flowers for Valentines.  First he bought me my dream fridge a couple of years ago for Valentines, and he always hand delivers flowers to my work.  I thought it couldn’t get any better, but today. …the love he showed me in entering into this enthusiasm so completely with me…..Lord you are too good to me.

Oh….did I mention that he PROUDLY wore a pink feather boa through the whole thing?  it’s a Siesta thang.

Proud Papa and Ginny in line

the line was a little too long for Ginny. She melted down right when they reached Beth

papa trying everything to calm Ginny down. singing, animal crackers....anything!

...sign the book to my wife, she's got a blog "screamofcontinuousness"...

"well I certainly do know who your wife is"

and then, as they said goodbye, Martin did something that he may never be forgiven (by other Siestas) for doing…

he. squished. Beth Moore's. hair.

fortunately it seems to have recovered immediately.

perhaps everything will be alright after all.

I promise that tomorrow I will go back to being a normal 40 year old with a toddler and a superlatively wonderful husband.  I’ll stop sounding like such a freakish fan-girl over Beth Moore.  I AM a fan, but I’m not a freak…..  But that’s tomorrow.  Right now I’m gonna go start reading the book that he went to so much trouble to get signed for me.

and count myself as one blessed woman.

thank you Beth, for being so sweet and gracious to a tired, flustered daddy and child.  You made my day…oh heck, you made my month.

and thank you Martin. for being so wonderful in the first place.