valentines day just came early

ah spring!

Young love!

the adrenaline rush!

the anxiety!

the rainy day trip to the bookstore…..what?

what does a rainy day trip to the bookstore have to do with love?

Well what would you say if I told you my wonderful man got up at 7:00 a.m. this morning, on his day off, dressed our toddler girl up, complete with bow I might add, and drove an hour and a half across town, in the rain to stand in line to go to a book signing.  A book signing of an author who means a lot to us both, but really more to me.  Mostly ’cause I’m the slightly hysterical female here.

Does that sound like love to you?

it does to me.

Did I mention that he did all this and sent me updates while I was stuck at work?  Things like.  “Ginny fed, dressed and adorable. leaving house now” and “arrived in parking lot. all is well”  and “in line. 30 women. one other man”

and then came the text that said that not only had he met the author, she was very gracious and sweet….even though Ginny cried almost through the whole thing.  Oh, and he says that when he mentioned my blog name she stopped in her tracks….and said she knew who I was.  um…….Wow. Can that feeling be gift wrapped?

As far as I’m concerned I need to bring HIM flowers for Valentines.  First he bought me my dream fridge a couple of years ago for Valentines, and he always hand delivers flowers to my work.  I thought it couldn’t get any better, but today. …the love he showed me in entering into this enthusiasm so completely with me…..Lord you are too good to me.

Oh….did I mention that he PROUDLY wore a pink feather boa through the whole thing?  it’s a Siesta thang.

Proud Papa and Ginny in line

the line was a little too long for Ginny. She melted down right when they reached Beth

papa trying everything to calm Ginny down. singing, animal crackers....anything!

...sign the book to my wife, she's got a blog "screamofcontinuousness"...

"well I certainly do know who your wife is"

and then, as they said goodbye, Martin did something that he may never be forgiven (by other Siestas) for doing…

he. squished. Beth Moore's. hair.

fortunately it seems to have recovered immediately.

perhaps everything will be alright after all.

I promise that tomorrow I will go back to being a normal 40 year old with a toddler and a superlatively wonderful husband.  I’ll stop sounding like such a freakish fan-girl over Beth Moore.  I AM a fan, but I’m not a freak…..  But that’s tomorrow.  Right now I’m gonna go start reading the book that he went to so much trouble to get signed for me.

and count myself as one blessed woman.

thank you Beth, for being so sweet and gracious to a tired, flustered daddy and child.  You made my day…oh heck, you made my month.

and thank you Martin. for being so wonderful in the first place.


7 thoughts on “valentines day just came early

  1. Hi! I was in line with your husband! Ginny is just adorable!He does win the prize! That was the sweetest thing I have ever seen… the pink boa too!!! You are so blessed! I loved reading your post! So precious! Made me smile! : ) Beth said, “That is one fine man!” (something like that) anyway I took a pic (it is not from the greatest angle but thought you would want it!) I was looking for your email on here to send it to you… but I can’t find it… So if you email me or leave a comment on my blog with it I’ll forward it to you! Have a blessed evening! Can’t wait to settle down with my book too!

    Sorry I missed seeing you! God Bless! Emmy


  2. Is it right to be jealous of Martin? I just adore her. She did a weekend thang at our church in Knoxville.

    I’m trying to get closer to Knoxville, you know (still haven’t heard a word from Southern Polytech), but I could be convinced to move to Texas just so I could be in her Sunday School Class!

    Heck, I’M jealous of Martin! I’ve only met Beth for 40 seconds or so. He got almost two whole minutes!


  3. Hi!

    I just read your story about Ginny! Just precious!

    I don’t have your email address… email it to me so I can send pic!

    Thanks! Emmy

    thank you SO much for the photo! LOVE IT!


  4. Deirdre, I am totally loving the posts & pictures about meeting Beth!

    My computer shut down last time I tried to comment, I have to say I was totally impressed with the fact that she knew your blog name!! It’s funny that we think we’re just typing to a few, and then someone you never imagined had the time for such things knows you by name! Love it! Hey, I almost fell off my couch when the Seeds people commented on mine, but Beth Moore! What a lucky girl to meet Missy and Beth all at once! I bet there was lots of laughing!

    When we saw Beth in Novemeber it was wonderful! I’d love for her to walk into out little Esther study one day, my girls would fall off their chairs!

    Martin is a true good guy! How blessed you both are! To put a bow in Ginny’s hair, that deserves an award! =)

    I agree that Martin absolutely gets an award, especially for the bow! and to clarify, I only met Beth for about 40 seconds in Houston. Martin has now spent more time with Beth than I have. I’m so jealous. *grin* And yes Missy and I laughed a LOT. She is just as funny and fun in person as she comes across on the blog.


  5. You do have a remarkable husband, dear! And thank you for my dear granddaughter Ginny! She certainly hasn’t had a dull moment since becoming your daughter!


  6. I took those pictures! I tried so hard to get some good ones. Glad some turned out okay.

    Found your blog through Emmy’s.

    Sabrina thank you SO MUCH. The photos are great! I just wish Ginny had stopped crying! Martin was so blessed by how nice everyone was to him. thank you for being part of that.


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