my version of global warming

happens every time I see this face

melting.....mommy is melting.

And then there is this

Ginny and Papa

and this

Annabelle & Ginny

and then there is this

here, have some snow

Ginny always wants to share.  Even when it is just a handful of snow.

Papa & Ginny go sledding

Wouldn’t you melt too?  yup.  I thought so.

Here’s the new words report for this month –

  • broccoli (currently pronounced “bah-key”)  as she eats tiny raw pieces of said vegetable right out of my hand.  Yes.  This tiny child willingly eats broccoli.  I am so blessed that sometimes I just can’t stand it)
  • Grammy (currently pronounced “ammy”) meaning my mother Ann.
  • Up  is currently being used a lot.  Meaning is “pick me up”
  • Banana (currently being pronounced as “ana”) this is her ultimate favorite food.
  • Apple (currently being pronounced as “appa”)
  • Nose and eyes are both words that she says completely correctly
  • Ears, feet, belly button, toes, fingers, thumb and mouth are items that she will point to if you say it for her.
  • If you hold up your fingers and give her a little bit of prompting Ginny will count as you raise your fingers “unn, tooo, treeee, oooor, eye”  Which we think is pretty amazing really.  Considering she is not yet 18 months!

Ginny will not eat out of plastic spoons any more.  She insists on a normal place setting like the other folks at the table and gets very irritated if we order or serve her something different than the grown ups.  Consequently she eats all normal foods at grown up spice levels.  Yes, she even ate the Cajun shrimp when we were in Houston.

And dipping ANY food in white queso dip from our favorite Mexican restaurant makes it better.  I personally think it is the play value of getting to dip the food in the cheese.

Ginny is learning to go down steps.  A lot of different methods are being used right now.  If the place is right for it, we let her hold onto the handrail with one hand and an adult with the other hand and go down the steps like a big person.  But if the place it not good for it, we make her turn on her tummy and crawl down.

Ginny watched ice skating with me last night and “skated” around the room, twirling and “jumping” to the music and then turned to give a rousing round of applause at the end.  I’m gonna have to see if I can get that on tape.

And just to prove that this really IS a mommy blog – She is starting to show an awareness of the condition of her diaper.  Pulling at it if it needs changing, etc… I don’t plan to give the world a play-by-play on her journey to learning adult bathroom etiquette.  But I will occasionally note developmental milestones and this is one of them.

Ginny is showing a lot of self-will these days and we are slowly working on concepts that will eventually build to things like self-control, compassion for others and obedience.  These things take time of course, for all of us (ahem are you listening self?) and we are enjoying every minute of our time with our precious, heart-melting angel.


4 thoughts on “my version of global warming

  1. She also says the numbers 1, 2, 3 when she “sees” them drawn on the screen or board.

    And counts 1,2,3,4 as she moves the disks on the abacaas.


  2. Ah, yes. I like your version of global warning much better. Way more believable!!!
    Regarding the ice skating thing, do you have a copy of Mary Poppins? One of my favorite memories of my kids in the living room in front of the TV was when they were dancing like the penguins during the song “It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary.” Play if for Ginny sometime and see what happens!


  3. Hey Deirdre!:)

    Aww, Ginny is so cute!:) I am so happy for you still!:) She is growing, learning fast!:)

    Blessings to you today,



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