19 months

Ginny is 19 months old now and I need to do a post chronicling her achievements.

  • walks,
  • runs (well sort of trots really),
  • climbs up anything,
  • knows how to turn on the TV/VCR at my mom’s house,
  • can find keys even when the adults are looking everywhere and can’t find them,
  • enjoyed finding Easter eggs,
  • knows how to pitch a very loud tantrum when she doesn’t get her way,
  • has developed sinus allergies/reactions to Georgia pollens so that we have to do a nasal spray ( I had kinda hoped she wouldn’t have that particular torture till later in life),
  • gives kisses on request,
  • blows kisses to almost everyone whether they ask for them or not,
  • insists on taste testing everything on mommy and daddy’s plates to make sure we are not withholding a treat of some kind,
  • eats (or at least tries) everything we put in front of her,
  • loves to pet and hug our dogs,
  • stacks blocks,
  • dances,
  • tries to jump (but only gets about a millimeter off the ground)
  • spins in place
  • throws a ball with some control over where she wants it to go
  • kicks a ball with no real control
  • waves arms like she is directing the chorus when we sing the blessing at our meals.

New Words that Ginny says (that I can recall off the top of my head)

cheese, toast, sausage, shoes, puppy, scarf (though it sounded more like scaaf when she said it, cookie (means anything cracker-like), no (this is actually only being applied as a real response to things instead of the normal toddler repetition), please, more, yes please (sounds like esspeees), Jesus ( she said this when I was singing Jesus Loves Me to her.  It sounded like “Eezus” but it was close enough to make my heart go all warm and fuzzy), byebye, jump, spin, horse, thank you (only it sounds kind of like “ankoo”, moose, on, off, kitty cat, ball, teeth, meow, hat, car, frog, turtle, eat and side (means outside, but all she says is side).

She understands WAY more than this of course, these are just the words that she speaks to us that qualify as understandable English.

I’ll post the entire file of these over on facebook, but here are a few photos from her 19 month/Grandma Altie came for a visit photo shoot.  Enjoy!

Ginny & Grandma Altie laughing at the photographer

two sweet girls

Ginny & MAK (the bear that used to be twice her size.....)

giving MAK a hug

thank you again Mel & Stevie for this incredible gift.


One thought on “19 months

  1. Taking her picture with a stuffed animal is such a good idea. So you can really see how she’s grown.
    And I remember the story about MAK. Ahhhhh. *grin*
    Did you realize you were going to become bi-lingual when you became a mom? Understanding regular-english and toddler-english, too? LOL


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