new words this month

This month has been a verbal leap of sorts.  This is a list of words that my husband just sent me.  Ever since last month when I asked him “what words is Ginny saying now” he has been keeping a list on his cell phone.

So here is the new stuff

  • Shoes/hat/mouth
  • On/Off/Out/In/Down/Up
  • Eat/Food/breakfast/cookie/yum/nomnom/hot
  • Bubbles
  • Click
  • Moose
  • Elmo
  • Daisy (my mother’s dog)
  • Door
  • “side”  (when she wants to go outside to play)
  • Keys
  • Rabbit
  • Flower
  • Book
  • Baby
  • Please
  • Teeth/mouth/kiss
  • Ok
  • More
  • bye-bye
  • one

oh I have to add one more – “good girl !!!”  she says this about her self and others.  This is almost always accompanied by clasping her hands together and laughing.

Such a sweet, joyful child.  I will post photos of her from last week (when my aunt Juanita was here) soon I promise.  And as soon as I can figure out how to get them off of my husband’s camera there are some wonderful shots of Ginny eating her first ever corn-ON-the-cob.  She dove in with great enthusiasm.  Just like she does with everything in life.


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