random recent photos

with captions/explanations

this photo of Kenya was taken about a month before she died.

Martin took this shot of Ginny in our church playground during one of the lighter snows we got this year.

Ginny's favorite Grocery store game - push the cart

it wears her out.....

and then we get this - zonked out baby girl.

at dinner one night. the family all has corn-on-the-cob. notice the tiny pieces of corn on Ginny's plate....

but that wasn’t good for her.  She decided that she wanted to try what we were having.

addressing the cob.....

first bite......

ah the joy of discovering a new love !

Welcome to our playhouse....

Actually it belongs to the neighbors, but we have both agreed to set up all our playground stuff on kinda of a middle ground between the two houses and the kids all just play all over it with no boundaries.  Seriously cool.

anyway, that shot was taken a few weeks ago when Ginny was not yet able to climb up the sides of the playhouse.  Then, the light dawned, effort was made and now….

She's on top of the world!

I love the static-hair.  it makes me grin.


3 thoughts on “random recent photos

  1. That corn was almost as delicious as Ginny. What a precious child and what a wonderful dinner that was at your wonderful home.


  2. Man, I never get/got a passed out kid in a shopping cart once she could toddle.

    it’s all the cart pushing. She loves it for about 20 minutes…then she passes out.


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