wordless Wednesday


These are photos of our recent trip to Tybee Island Beach near Savannah, Georgia.  Ginny’s first trip to the ocean.


ring around the rosie (Grammy is a genius)

water is FUN!

splashing is FUN!

look out world, here I am

playing with shadows

a girl and her Grammy

being with papa is my happy place

putting sand on Grammy

day is done. I'm ready for a bath!


5 thoughts on “wordless Wednesday

  1. Hey that purple shirt looks veeerrry familiar! Solvi isn’t slated for the ocean this year until October (in Florida), but we’re going to a ‘lake beach’ at Lillies and perhaps at the State Park in MS as well this summer. Looks like everyone had fun!


  2. Hi Deidre,

    I am a friend of Missy’s (I think she would call me a friend…she’s really friends with my sister, haha), and I found you through her infertility post last summer. I was helped by your comments and reading through your adoption and infertility tagged posts. I would really like to talk with you more about your experience and get some advice. If you wouldn’t mind doing that, would you email me your email address? Mine is lindsay.newcomer@gmail.com.

    P.S. Ginny is beautiful.

    Hi! I am so glad if anything I have written here has helped someone. And Yes I would love to talk to you. please email me at dwruss2@emory.edu
    and thanks, we think Ginny is beautiful too.


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