overheard at the russell’s

at our house nap time on a Saturday still means that even mama and papa are gonna try to get a nap.

So there we were, both being very still and quiet, listening to Ginny on the monitor.

She bounced for a while, and then started just laughing and laughing. Deep belly laughs.

then, from over the monitor we heard two darling words

“I’m Funny!”

more giggles. and eventually she went off to sleep.


2 thoughts on “overheard at the russell’s

  1. I read this and all I could think was…you left her alone in a room to go to sleep and she LAUGHED???!!! We get blodd curdling screams (or pad, pad, pad, click, SLAM…”mommy? I want you…”)

    Sigh – Solvi still refuses to go to sleep (nap or at night) without a person in the room, preferably cuddling her. The good news is that it now takes, on average, about 5-10 minutes for sleep to happen once the lights are out.

    On the other hand, I realized last night that I had had NO REASON to visit the ‘baby stuff’ aisle in the grocery store for over 2 months – no special foods, no diapers, no wipes, nothin’! Wheeee!


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