what’s up with all the skating posts?

In case anyone wants to know why I am posting so much on facebook about Ice Skating recently and seem so over the top crazy about it.

 Well, you have to know the history. 

 First of all I skated every day of my life, sometimes twice a day, from 2nd grade through the middle of 10th grade.  A one hour drive to the rink, 5:30 a.m. ice, one hour drive back, go to school, another hour drive to the rink, 4:00 p.m. lessons and practice sessions, go home have dinner, sleep.  Repeat.  Everything my family did was arranged around the rink schedule.    I loved skating itself, independent of any competitive accomplishment. Which is a good thing really, since I never made it past a regional competition, but I loved it.  Just moving on the ice is such a joy. 

 In a fit of pure teenager idiocy I gave it all up before 11th grade because “I wanted a social life”  Silly me.

Fast forward to January of 2000 when my right knee got shredded in a non skating related sports accident (sword fighting, if you must know).  My ACL was obliterated and the MCL was 75% ripped.  Surgery and physical therapy followed, but even when that was all over, my doc wasn’t particularly encouraging about me ever getting on the ice again.  Ice skating hadn’t been a feature in my life for over a decade at that point and I was okay without it, so I just pushed the thought aside.

Three years later I developed a tumor (benign) in my left knee that had to be scraped out in order to restore some stability to the joint.  Again I asked….think I’ll ever skate again?  The answer came back – “probably not”   I shrugged my shoulders, oh well.

 I had accepted it.  I have two bum knees.  I’ll never skate again.  I’ll just watch it on TV ….which was somewhat like probing at a sore tooth.

 Until the advent of Ginny in my life.    Ginny watched the winter Olympics and went “skating” around the living room.  “watch me jump!  Look mama, see? I spin!”  she was still too young, but his summer, we put Ginny on the ice.  She really likes it.  Seeing Ginny on the ice..sitting there watching…I just had to give it one good shot…..  So I lost 40 pounds, dealt with getting new skates (since my old ones don’t even come close to fitting anymore) and got my scared self back out on the ice. 


 Even though I am massively out of practice.  Even though I was not steady and could not go fast yet.  Even though I only lasted  over an hour on the ice.  Just being there felt right and real in a way that I’m not sure I can fully explain.  

 The years didn’t roll back.  I didn’t instantly or miraculously recall how to do things I haven’t done since 10th grade.  This isn’t a movie.  But it still felt good.  I know I’ll never compete again.  I may never even jump again.  There is a lot of real physical work ahead of me.   But as I rediscovered last night, just skating, just being on the ice is enough to make me deliriously contented.


4 thoughts on “what’s up with all the skating posts?

  1. Those were wonderful years with you on the ice. I loved every minute of it and I share your joy at rediscovering this sport! So glad you will share this with your awesome husband and amazing daughter. I’ll enjoy watching as well. Love you forever. Mother


  2. Awesome! Especially when it’s all about the underlying love & passion for something. I’ve decided that once I drop enough weight, I’m going to investigate horse riding again. I rode from the time I was in the 8th grade all the way through high school. I competed every summer in the 4-H circuit, all the way through the state level. And then I went to college & real life took over.

    not sure about buying a horse again, but this time next year, I’m hoping I can start looking at options to get back in the saddle. Because it’s not about the competition. It’s about that sublime moment when you and the horse are one and moving together without a care or a thought in the world.

    Much like, I bet, you feel when the ice is perfect & your blades are sharp & your balance is perfect.

    Here’s for the love of the sublime …


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