whats in a name?

 Okay.  Admit it, every single one of us, at some point or other has read a trashy romance novel.

Whether it was hiding from your parents under the covers at night, or out by the pool because you needed something to read and someone just handed you a random book.  We are all familiar enough with the basics.  The themes are fairly well known.  We can all practically outline them in our sleep. 

Step One – Heroine has rough life of some sort.

Step Two – Meets mystery guy

Step Three – Either falls hard or despises him on sight

But no matter what

No matter when in the book she eventually hears him speak her name

it is always meaningful.

“and when he said my name it had layers of meaning and depth.  He knew the person I could really be”


“and when he said her name it woke feelings in her that she never knew existed”

And, of course,  the classic

“when he spoke my name there was instant connection.  I knew that he knew the real me.”

 Names mean something.

Names have depth. (even in literature that has no real depth….ahem.) 

Take the oposite example.   Have you ever run up against someone who says your name and it clearly means nothing to them?  Like when that kid at Fuddruckers announces that your hamburger is ready


 Or a telemarketer calls


 No feeling.  No depth. No understanding of what makes that name fit that particular person.  Even if you don’t subscribe to the romance novel concept of names having meaning, you can’t get way from a simple fact

A stranger will speak your name
very diferently
from someone who knows you.

And it is not surprising at all.  They don’t know us.  They have no connection.  Why on earth would their speaking of our name have meaning?

 Now turn this around.  How many time do we carelessly throw around other people’s names without thinking about it?

Or worse

 When was the last time you mentally or out loud just skimmed over the beginning portion of a Bible verse like this 

“thulorjurgahd has …”

 Without thinking about WHOSE NAME you are mangling. 

This week, try giving up our tendency to rush through the names of God.  Commit that every time you encounter a name of God you will pause, think it through and really savor the names of our Savior.








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