Silence Is Violence

conversation at work this morning:
“did you hear about Dallas?”
“Yeah…man this world is insane” as she walked away I wanted to say “No, it’s broken.”
and then it hit me like a ton of bricks…
It has ALWAYS been broken.
ever since the mess in the garden of Eden…this world has been broken.
But we try to insulate ourselves from the brokeness.
We create rules, laws, governments to try to control the brokenness and bring it down to acceptable levels.
But the horrific truth is that there is no way to do that…the broken parts are inside of all of us.
We are ALL broken.
at the risk of souding very 80s….We Are the World. The world is made up of us, so….

Part of the problem right now is that there are many many many problems with the rules that have been set in place. The laws are horrifically flawed and the main persons who suffer from the flaws are not white people. They are black.

But the problem won’t go away if we “fix the systems” becasue the problem is still, and will always be US. The humans who live here.

That does NOT absolve us from trying our damndest to Fix the Systems.

I have no idea how, but I do know this.

It has to start at home. I personally have to be willing to face the vitriol (not respond to it, but face it and pray for the hearts willing to spew it). I have to come to grips with my OWN ignorance and sin of neglect and willfull blindness over the years.

Becasue I didn’t personally repress anyone, I wanted a hall pass. I wanted to walk past the violators and say to the victims “But I didn’t do this to you”

We have reached the point where my lilly livered silence is contributing to the violence.

I have blood on my hands becasue I have stood by, gone about my life and NOT called for accountability from our leaders. From the small town level to the highest stage in the land, I must demand understanding of these issues, willingness to confront them and work on better systems. People in office who protect the current laws need to be educated. Not threatened, not killed, but educated. Unfortunately, the greatest educator of the heart is the Holy Spirit…
Wait did I say Unfortunately? no, that is the most fortunate aspect of this. HEARTS in leadership positions need to be changed. And who is the only person who can change hearts? the Holy Spirit ! GOD !
I CAN REACH ALL THE LEADERS ! Becasue I CAN PRAY! I’m not talking about adding “the race situation” to my prayer list and just slipping it in.
I’m talking about making it my ONE, FERVENT WHOLE HEARTED PLEA.
Begging God to excersize HIS Almighty power to change hearts and lives and help save us ALL from our own brokeness.

Will this world ever be perfect?
Will there always be broken people?
But is that an excuse for me to be silent?
let there be a RESOUNDING NO!

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