examining anger and freedom

anger stems from a sense of personal entitlement.

“I have the right….”

  • to keep my schedule
  • to be heard
  • to get my own way
  • to be understood
  • to have my life plan work out the way I want


The real, ugly, horrifying truth is that I have no rights at all…..

……… except to be condemned to burn.

By birth, as a human being it is my birthright to be damned.

Read that again.

My only birthright as a human being is to be damned.

my HUMAN inheritance is damnation.

However it is my JOY to be forgiven through Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection. and there was not one blasted thing I could do to earn it. Not one.

my SPIRITUAL inheritance, through Christ Jesus is the inexpressible Joy of Forgiveness.

When we understand that concept, fully, personally and completely…..

When we understand that we have been  freely forgiven of our very humanity,

THEN, and only then, we will be able to reach out from a place of love and be able to offer loving forgiveness to others.


be free. my friends.




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