Nationals, Jan 23

I’ve arrived safe and sound. Which was kinda in question a time or two.

I actually got to hear the words “ladies and gentlemen, is there a doctor or nurse onboard the plane?”
Announced by the captain. That was “fun”  paramedics met us at the gate and took the lady off the plane before we could disembark.
Driver picked me up and got me to my lodging just before the announcement came that the Detroit airport was shutting down due to too much sleet. !!!
My hotel is lovely. The other guests I met at breakfast are all here for the same reason I am, so that is going to make for interesting morning conversations. The walk from the Inn to the venue made me wish for my skates! With six inches of snow on the ground and a full night of sleet, I think I could have skated TO THE ARENA!!!!
My seat is fabulous (6th row) and u made it on time to watch one of the practice sessions this morning.
I’m here for the day. Hopefully for traffic will have cleared the sidewalks before they refreeze tonight.