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When I walked into work this morning my co-workers took one look at me and started nudging each other and giggling.
“what?” I asked, slightly annoyed. I’m thinking my shirt is on inside out or my nose has turned green or some horrific fashion emergency has happened.
“what happened to you this morning?” they ask with knowing grins. “You look like you just …celebrated with your hubby or something”
yeah, that.
Actually they are kinda right. My husband did give me an amazingly tender, cherishing and completely HOT hug this morning when I dropped him off at his office. Nothing you can’t do in public, not wandering hands or tonsil hockey. Just something we call
“the Full Body Hug”
apparently it still has a really neat effect on me.
anyway, when I sat down at my computer I found out that I had gotten my first ever blogging award! Karen over at Surviving Motherhood sent me this “share the love” award! How cool is that?
so now I’m STILL grinning like a fool.
sharing the love

sharing the love

SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with the blogs out there that you love. The people who make you smile, who make you laugh, who make your day, who leave uplifting comments for you! She simply asks you to leave a link to her post with the award, and ask your recipients to do the same.

I’m gonna pass it on to a couple of people who always make me happy.

Amy over at Mom’s Toolbox for being the blog I can count on to remind me to get back in the Word every day.

Missy at It’s Almost Naptime for her brutal (and hilarious) honesty and encouragement and her adorable kids.

Cheryl at Bowl Full of Cherries for having two of the cutest, most photographable little girls ever seen in blog-land.

Amy at Signs Miracles and Wonders. Wow lady. Your faith astounds me.

I still can’t believe I actually got this and now I get the joy of passing it on. It’s such a direct example of what I’m supposed to do with any gift God gives me: pass it on.


I made my husband cry

Okay, I know I’m not supposed to enjoy this. I KNOW it’s evil. I mean its Valentines Day for pete’s sake. But I am SOOOOOOOOO loving this.

I Made my husband CRY!!!!!

First you have to understand that I’m really enjoying this blog thing. I’ve never spent this much time crafting good written pieces before. I’ve told occasional stories live to audiences, but never stuff from my own heart and past the way I do here on the blog.

Now most of what I write here I don’t spend hours crafting, but there is one post that I did spend a couple of hours on before I posted it.

It was a true story from my childhood and I wanted to tell it properly. I wanted to craft it so that I didn’t just tell the story, I wanted it to have impact. I wanted it to grab the reader.

And I succeeded. I knew I got it right the night I made my husband read it. And He Cried.

btw, can you guess which post it is?

I love comments

I just had a conversation with a friend of mine who I hadn’t heard from in months. I had been really worried about her, but she’s okay.

The funny part is this.

Here I was trying to track her down so I could hear from her (I even called her folks. That’s how worried I was) and it turns out…..

She.   Reads.   My.   Blog.

But she never comments. Irony.

So here it is, your engraved invitation

If you read this blog, please comment.

The writer really loves that sort of thing.

It feeds her ego. 


the Management

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