how these things get started……

Back in the day, when I was young and carefree and had no money (are those items related?) my “BFF Janna” and I went shopping.

As we were rummaging around dreaming over prom dresses and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that we couldn’t afford, I found this gorgeous blouse. It was dark green silk with a ruffled neckline and ruffles at the end of the 3/4 length sleeves.

It was, in short, perfect.

I showed it to Janna.

She loved it. In fact she wanted one too. Did I mind if she got one too? No of course not. We can be twins.

Okay, so we go to the rack….there was only the ONE in our size!

AARRGGHHHH Teenage Tragedy !!!!!

Well. What now? Can she at least try it on? Well, yes, of course.

Result; she looks just as good in it as I do. Better actually since Janna actually had a bust at that point in our lives. Mine wasn’t delivered by the boob fairy till years later.


So there’s one blouse, and two friends who want it.

Then we look at the price tag. Well, that’s that. NEITHER of us can afford it.

We put it back on the rack and trudge off to go have lunch in the food court.

But we keep talking about the blouse. Finally the light bulb comes on……Wait. If we both pitch in, we could share it! But we had better get back there QUICK before someone gets to it and buys OUR blouse out from under us!

We TORE through that mall so fast. We must have freaked out a few people. but we made it in time. the blouse was safe. It was OURS. She kept it for a few months, then handed off to me.

We passed that blouse back and forth for years and confused loads of people at our church. Eventually I even looked as good in the “Time Share Blouse” as Janna did. 😉


my !… how fast the walls go up.

This ever happened to anyone else?

Yesterday, someone that I thought of as a friend revealed (through a random unrelated comment) that they really strongly feel that I’m in desperate need of constant guidance and they see themselves as qualified to administer correction.

Okay, maybe I am flawed, but this person is not my boss, nor is the relationship of long enough duration to withstand the blunt trauma of her words. She reduced me to tears with just one exchange! She wasn’t trying to be cruel, but her mode of expression just ripped right through me. And then, somehow *I* was to blame for being “over sensitive”

I HATE IT when someone pulls that card on me. Yes, I can get worked up sometimes, but just because I’m sensitive doesn’t mean that you haven’t been insensitive. ya know?

I was willing to let it go and just know in my heart that I can’t be comfortable with her for now, but this morning I got an email from her that is prodding me to “explore my issues”

GRRRRRRRRRRRR I’m not happy about this.

I wrote her a note asking her “please let’s not do this” so hopefully she will drop it. But I have this sinking feeling the subject of my “improvement” will come up again. She works in my building and I see her almost everyday.

What I’m worried about is this: is God trying to teach me something through her and I’m missing it because of my defensiveness?

******amendment. She just came up to my office to get mail and we had a talk.  She is proud of me for standing up for myself.  She is not evil, we just have wildly different viewpoints.   I still feel the same way towards her as I did before, but at least civility has been restored. ******