busy as a bunny

In a totally metaphorical sense I am currently engaged in making babies.

My husband and I are filling out paperwork, going through background checks and jumping through all the hoops that constitute the “home study” and application part of beginning an adoption.

Before anybody gets excited, no we are not yet matched with a birth mom. These are just the hoops you have to get through BEFORE you get to look at potential matches.

But I just wanted to post to let you know why I may not find time to write quite as much for the next week or so.

By the way, so far Christian Adoption Consultants has been wonderful! They are so professional and talented. And they are FUN which is very important when you are dealing with us. Martin and I both love to laugh and if we had gone to this meeting and found people who were stiff or formal we would have been doomed. But Amy, Malcolm and Cheri are fun, casual and caring. So we will get along just fine.

Everybody pray, okay? Pray for us to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s and pray for our birth mom (whoever and wherever she is) to be healthy and happy and supported in her decision.


scared to hope

I think God just sent me two potential “leads” about two potential babies (not yet born) who need parents.

I’m kinda scared to hope that this is for real or could really work out. I can’t say anything more than that, just pray that God will be glorified no matter what happens.

So that’s what is on my mind today. I’m trying to concentrate on work (rather unsuccessfully as you can imagine). Oh, I have other good news: I started back on my swimming this past Friday. At one point last year I was doing an hour on Tuesdays and on Thursdays. Just long slow laps, nothing stressful, but it was really helping me feel better physically. That got cut short when we went through IVF and then when it failed I was too depressed to get back in the pool, but now it is a new year and I’m off my duff and back into the pool. It’s the only excersise I can do consistently without stressing my knees. Good thing I love it so much.

I wasn’t able to do the full hour Friday, but got through 45 minutes and had no real soreness. So I’ll try to go for the full hour Tuesday. Hubby doesn’t like swimming, so he is going to do racquetball and weight machines. Yay hubby.

Sorry I’m not profound or witty today. Just too occupied with possibility of baby through random life connections. Isn’t God weird?