It’s important folks.

We got up, went and picked up my mom and were in line waiting at 6:30 a.m.

There were 204 people in front of us already.

it took us till 8:30 to get done and when we left there were still almost 200 people behind us and more coming in the parking lot.

Congratulations America! You are learning to participate.

Even my tiny little 9 week old baby girl participated. and I have pictures to prove it.

the line when we arrived

the line when we arrived

Ginny got breakfast before we did

Ginny got breakfast before we did

Okay she didn’t cast a vote, she participated by keeping us company in line and being a conversation piece for everyone around us. “wow , shes’ so good!” “I haven’t heard a peep out of her!” “she’s a bit young to know who to vote for eh?” and “Oh what a cutie!”

I would only add this: SOMEBODY should have been out there selling dough-nuts or sausage biscuits. I would have payed some premium prices for some breakfast in that line. Talk about a missed opportunity!



I don’t care who you vote for.

yes, you heard me.  I don’t care who you vote for.


just Vote.

get out and do the thang folks.

I firmly believe that GOD raises up kings (or governments) and HE pulls them down (Daniel chapter 2) so for me voting is not so much about directing my country as it is about

EXERCISING my Civic Duty TO my Country.

It is my DUTY to express an opinion as a member of this extended government we are all supposed to be participating in.

So go out and participate.

For me, there are two ways my religion impinges on my vote:

1. the responsibility to find out as much as I can about the real stance and voting record of each candidate (not the spin or the commercials) and make a PRAYERFUL decision about who I feel lead to vote for

and (now this is the kicker)

2. to respect other people’s right to hold an opinion different from mine and STILL BE KIND AND COURTEOUS TO THEM.

Oh, and there is one more thing:

To support my government by obeying the laws and to Pray for the President.  With. Out. Ceasing.

No matter who ends up at the top of the heap when the dust clears next month.

back in the land of the …upright?

Hello again world.

I’ve been sick for three days. the “lie as still as you possibly can and try not to breathe too much” type of sick.

Upper respiriatory infection. ick.

It hit, conveniently enough, right after the Super Bowl. So I got to see the Giants win and then crawled off to bed.

For the next two days I only got out of bed to pee, get more water, and vote.

Yesterday I drug myself to the doctor and received the usual vindication. “Yes, you are really sick”

Which oddly enough always makes me feel like saying “Thank You! I KNEW it!” like I’ve scored a point on the rest of the world or something. “See? I TOLD you I was sick, but did you believe me? noooooooo”

The problem is alwasy the body temp thing. See “normal people” hover at right around 98.6 all the time. But I’m not normal. (yeah, yeah I know, please don’t take the cheap shot)

When all’s well with me my regular body temp hovers at about 97.4. So if you stick a themometer in my mouth and it goes up to 98.6….actually, that means something’s wrong.

Now, even though this is documented in every medical file, I still ALWAYS feel like I’m fudging somehow when I tell me boss “I’m running a 99 degree temp.” I mean she doesn’t need to know what my normal temp is, so it’s easier just to translate it. But I always feel like I’m lying.

Anyway, If anyone has been wondering where I’ve been, wonder no longer. I’m back. I’m still trying to deposit a lung on my keyboard, but I’m medicated and “safe to work with” so …….

hope everyone else had a much better MonTuesWednesday day than I did.