found. One exercise bike.

This weekend was…interesting.

On Thursday we took Ginny for her two-month “well baby” check-up. She now weighs 9 pounds, 2.5 ounces and is 21 inches long. Everything is going according to plan. she is growing and cooing and even holding up her head very well for her age. She even got her first shots and only cried a little bit. Of course at some point we both looked at each other and realized that there are plenty of babies BORN at 9 pounds. Which just totally blows my mind.

Anyway. We got Ginny home, after driving past a polling spot where THOUSANDS of people were voting early, and decided that we needed to set up a photo shoot of Ginny in her Halloween outfit in a pumpkin patch. We didn’t feel like driving to our church pumpkin patch at that point so we set up one in our front yard with our own fake carved pumpkins. Ok, so the pumpkin patch is ready. the Pumpkin herself is ready. We place her amongst the pumpkins, dash for the camera and….

Every. single. time. our hands left the baby….she began to wail.


Yea, did I mention that we are new to this whole parenting gig?

Intellectually we knew that some babies get crabby after their immunizations. but heck OUR baby was an angel on an airplane, surely she will weather the whole immunization trauma with aplomb.



We got two decent photos out of about 30. The rest look like we are torturing our darling baby. Here are the two good ones.

After the photo shoot, things went even further down hill.

Ginny wouldn’t sleep all Thursday night, so Martin and I looked at each other on Friday morning and made a judgement call: we aren’t safe to drive therefore we can’t go to work. My mom took Ginny for 6 hours or so during the day with the plan being that Martin and I were supposed to get some much needed sleep.

any guesses what happened then?


well we had just settled in for our long awaited nap…when the phone started ringing. and ringing. and ringing.

was it someone’s campaign trying to sway our vote at the last minute?


it was my sister-in-law Kris calling to tell us that my brother Stephen had been in a car wreck. He was hit by a guy going 80 mph and both drivers were on their way to the hospital. My brother in a neck brace and strapped to a board.


Turns out he has so much damage in his neck from previous accidents that they had trouble telling new from old. but they were pretty clear about the conclusion: his neck is MESSED UP. Not broken, but he is in a lot of pain. The pain killers they have given him have sent him spiraling into delusion and depression too, compounding his already myriad problems.

Ok, so much for sleep.

So went Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday as well. It has been a rough weekend.

Georgia lost. Texas lost.

but there were two bright spots:

the Falcons crushed the Raiders.


I uncovered my recumbent bike. It has been huddled under pillows and throw blankets in one corner of my living room for the last year in a kind of neglected pitifulness. Every time I looked at it I would grind my teeth in frustration thinking “when do I have the time?”

Well this weekend, in spite of babies that won’t sleep, brothers I can’t really help, and football teams that can’t catch the dad-blamed ball, I MADE time to get back on the bike. I did one 30 minutes session and about five little 15 minute sessions.

What finally got me over there? A wonderful friend of mine, who runs and works out obsessively shared something with me last week. She told me that she NEVER wakes up eager to get out of her nice warm bed and run. She loves it once she is doing it, but that one revelation specifically from her was mind blowing. I just always assumed that she must be mentally wired different than me.

Turns out that nope, we would both rather stay fit by just curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. But she learned a long time ago how to make herself get up.

I guess I am finally catching on.

oh and Ginny finally started remembering how to sleep on Sunday night. Just in time for us to get sufficient sleep to be able to come to work today.


desk work, a new perspective

Normally the phrase “hot for the holidays” to ME means that I am eager to get on with the decorating, baking and shopping….and… eating.  I’m really good at that last one.

But Missy over at “It’s Almost Naptime” has given the phrase a new meaning.

She is challenging herself and anyone who wants to join her to set themselves a goal and get, if not actually HOT by the time December 25th gets here, at least be hotter than we are now.

Since I have a new baby at home (did you know?) and I work, there is precious little time for sleep. Never mind any time for exercise. BUT I have jumped on the bandwagon over at Missy’s blog and I will do my best to become “hot for the holidays” along with her and fifty-some-odd of her closest friends.

So, since I have no time at home the only way I can get in any kind of work-out is to either use my baby girl as a kind of bizarre barbell, or find ways to stay in shape at work.

I know the exercises listed below are not gonna cause me to actually lose weight. But, if I can manage to do them regularly, maybe I won’t feel like such a blob at work and I just might increase some muscle tone. And as we all know, toned muscles burn more calories even at rest, so it’s all good. Instant psychological benefit and potential long term physical pay-off. I like it.

I’m posting these, not so that you can fly to Atlanta, come by my desk and make fun of me, but so that if anyone has any additional exercises to point out that can be done at work, I’d love to read them.   Specifically I need exercises for these flabby arms of mine.  But it can’t involve me looking like I’m trying to communicate with my computer via semaphore.  It has to be subtle enough to be done at my desk without a casual passer-by noticing what I’m up to.  Anybody got any ideas?

Just post them to the comments section.

Exercises for the work environment

1. Kegels. Not just for pregnant ladies anymore. You could look at them as kind of a private crunch. One that no-one but you knows you are doing. Just do them sitting at your desk.

2. Wall Push-Ups. Stuck in an elevator? Waiting for your morning coffee to brew? Do some push-ups against a wall. Be careful to maintain good form.

3. Take the Stairs. Simple. If you can’t do them fast (and who can really?) or don’t want to arrive at your meeting all sweaty, try for slow, controlled movements. Even going down the stairs can be a good quad workout if you take it slooooow.

4. Leg Extensions. On hold forever? While sitting at your desk, raise your right foot to vertical, tensing the quad. Hold for a count of 5. Relax. Repeat for 20 reps. Switch to the left leg.

5. Heel Raises. Waiting for the copier? Try going up on your toes (both feet) and holding that for a count of 5. Repeat till your copier job is done.

about those extra pounds

Okay. Missy has finally flogged me into admitting this.

I am way overweight.

There is no chance of me actually losing the 40 pounds that I should in time for this challenge of hers, but I am going to commit to losing 10 pounds by Christmas.

I currently weigh 175 (I think. I will be weighing tonight at the chiropractor’s office, so that data might change)

But I’m only 5 foot 4.

I’m really not about losing weight so much as I am about losing the ucky feeling around my middle and across my back. And this horrible bulge in my front. The ultimate goal here is to get from my current size 14 jeans back down to a 10. 8 would be even better, but I’ll take the 10s.

With a brand new baby in the house AND a full time job with an hour commute each way there is no way I’m gonna have time to actually commit to a regular exercise program, HOWEVER I will commit to the following manifesto:

I will THINK before I eat

I WILL drink as much water as I possibly can

I will take my vitamins and get sleep (hahahahahaha)

I will TRY to be more active by taking the stairs at work when possible.

I will try to avoid starches and processed sugars after the noon meal

Missy had the guts (no pun intended there dear one) to post a photo. I will try to find one that shows just how bad off I am right now without reducing me to tears of humiliation.

Are you seeing the chin? how round my arms are? the thickness of the waist?

yes, I know I’m not gross. But I don’t like my body very much right now, which makes it hard to feel sexy and well…. let’s just say that my husband is suffering here too.

ahem!  and anyway I need to get in shape to set a good example for Ginny.

So that’s my goal. Lose at least 10 pounds by Christmas and eventually get back down to size 10 jeans.

oh the guilt !

I just went to a fabulous lunch with my co-workers.

A couple of months ago we won a $100 gift card to a local restaurant and we’ve been trying to find a good time when we could all go to lunch ever since. We meet every Monday morning and the subject always comes up. But people have meetings and other commitments that come up later in the week so we never go. But we almost all mysteriously seem to have Monday lunches available. We finally decided at this morning’s staff meeting that we just needed to seize the day and go for it. We were all here today so we just went.

It was wonderful. I had the most amazing butternut squash ravioli, the wine was good, the tiramisu was outstanding. The company was hysterical. In short we had a great time.

It was honestly the most I’ve eaten at any one setting since before I got sick back on March 12.

Since getting sick I’ve mostly been eating small portions of saltines, dried fruits, lots of water, and the occasional morsel of protein. Consequently I’ve been losing weight. I went from 178 before vacation to 169 at my last weigh in on Wednesday. Yay Me!

So today was in the nature of a splurge. Guilt free because – since I didn’t have to pay for it – my family will never know, right?


I get back to my desk and the first thing I see is an email from my 14 year old niece saying “our whole family is overweight” and she is challenging us EACH to lose 30 pounds.

oh great.

So now I’ve been challenged by a 14 year old to lose 30 pounds. I mean I was going to lose it anyway, but now I’m on the spot.

so for the record, I currently (before lunch) weigh 169, so I will need to get down to 139 to meet Ivey’s challenge.

Update: because of that lunch I went back up to 171.  so my starting weight at the beginning of this challenge is 171. grumpgrumblegrouse