we need to move the djembe…

ah …..

The unbearable cuteness of being….Ginny.  She does or says something cute every day, but some of them need to be recorded for posterity (or for embarrassing her with when she starts dating). That said, here are a few cute things Ginny has said or done recently

She has started singing.  The first recognizable song was “Ring around the Rosie” which in her world goes something like this

Ring a’ rosie
Ring a’  pocket a’ posies
all fall DOWN!

Not quite canonical, but when she gets the words right it won’t be nearly so cute.  I do have film and audio of her singing this, but as her favorite place to sing is in the bathtub….I can’t publish it. *sigh*

So instead you will get a photo of Ginny devouring birthday cake.  The child adores her Grammy’s carrot cake.

She slayed me the other day.  I work full time.  Monday through Friday 7:30 to 4:00.  Martin has a part time job doing AV for our church, it involves a lot of emailing, but he only really  physically works on Sunday mornings and a little bit during the times that Ginny is at school, so she doesn’t really notice him as being gone or not available.  Apparently she has no trouble at all identifying ME as being gone and unavailable.

This became evident about a week ago.  I was spending a delightful evening with Ginny. We played dress up, we wrestled, we giggled, she had a very good time at dinner and she was very snuggly all evening.  I was in hog heaven.  She was in her bath and we were playing and she started doing the roll call that all toddlers do.  Naming every person in their life whether the person is in the room or not.  And you, the adult are supposed to answer and tell her where everyone is.

Her – Gammy?
Me – Grammy is at Grammy’s house.
Her – Gammy’s house.

Her – Gan-daddy ?
Me – Grand Daddy is at Grammy’s house.
Her – Gammy’s house.

Her – Kirby?
Me – Kirby is downstairs.
Her – ‘own sairs.

Her – Lucy?
Me – Lucy is down stairs.
her – ‘own sairs.

Her – Papa?
Me – Papa is downstairs.
Her – ‘own sairs.

Her – Mama?

And before I could hug her and say Mama is right here, she came out with “Mama’s at work!” in a decidedly belligerent tone.

Ugh.  Talk about a stab to the gut!

I’ve never before run into this, but she knows the major USES of the colors Red and Green, but she doesn’t say the color NAMES.  For instance she will hand me a red ball and instead of saying “red” she will say “stop” and when she sees a green object she identifies it as “Go!” not green.  Is this weird?

One of my greatest joys in life is watching her figure stuff out.  Don’t you love the thoughtful look they get when the wheels are turning inside their little heads?  Well, last night Ginny was pretending to clean things.  She went all around the living room with an (empty) spray bottle and cleaned the couch “I keen sofa.”  She cleaned the little tykes slide  “I keen lide.”  She cleaned the dog “I keen puppy” (this was Kirby who got slightly annoyed with being sprayed with pretend water and sound effects).   She cleaned the TV screen “I keen Movies.”

Then she moved to the item next to the TV which is the glass fronted cabinet where all the other electronics are stored.  The VCR, DVR, Cassette player, the cable box etc.  She pretend sprayed the glass cabinet door and said “I keen……ummmm”  she visibly thought about it a moment and then said “I keen BUTTONS”

And then she looked at me funny as I giggled for the next ten minutes.

One more story of recent cute stuff.

Ever since she was born we have been singing a couple of specific songs to her “This is the day that the Lord hath made” is our morning song.  “the Lord bless you and keep you” is our night time song and we all hold hands and sing the blessing at the table.  For a while now Ginny has been asking for the blessing song all throughout dinner.  At random intervals she will hold out her hands to the people next to her and say “pray” which means she wants us to sing the blessing again.  Ginny also asks us to her nighttime song almost every night.  It is our best cue that she is ready for sleep.  She says “Peace.”  We sing the song, kiss her goodnight and go away.

The one song she hadn’t asked for yet though was the morning song. Until about a week ago.  Martin is the lucky man who gets to greet Ginny in the mornings.  And I’m not being facetious here, Ginny is pure sunshine in the mornings.  I don’t know why God saw fit to bless two people who are addicted to sleep with a morning person, but that is unquestionably what he did.  Ginny is at her best in the mornings. Cuddly, sweet, amazingly happy and very free with her hugs and kisses. Naps just aren’t the same thing.  She wakes up cranky from naps more often than not.  But mornings?  Pure gold. If you ever need to be cheered up or pulled out of a depression, just come by our house at 7 a.m.  any day of the week, Ginny will cheer you right up. This, by the way, is why I try to schedule our family photo appointments first thing in the morning.

Anyway, Martin gets to enjoy the majority of the wake up times and he has been singing his own version of “This is the day that the Lord hath made” to Ginny.  His version involves using two books as impromptu percussion instruments.  Apparently Ginny really likes this version. Martin forgot one morning last week and didn’t do the song right away.  Ginny went and got two books, started banging them together in the proper rhythm that Martin uses and brought them to her papa saying “This is Day! This is day!”

Clearly we need to get her tambourine or move her djembe to her room……


4 thoughts on “we need to move the djembe…

  1. I don’t often take Ginny in the car. But a couple of weeks ago I got the wonderful pleasure of hearing her “sing” Grammy’s house, Grammy’s house when I turned into the long drive to my house. I turned to melted butter!


  2. What I love most is her lit-up eyes and laughing “yes” when we finally understand what she is saying to us. This is after patiently repeating for us to understand. She is so absolutely certain of what she is saying; it just takes us a while.


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