of kitty cats and toddlers

How is a toddler like a cat?

Getting a photo of one doing something cute is near to impossible for an amateur owner-parent-photographer.

Anytime Kenya did something photo-worthy it usually involved me in some way.  Either she was on my lap, or sitting on my head, or in some other way making it impossible for me to move or get the camera.  By the time someone wandered into the room, I alerted them to the need of said camera, they hunted it up and got back to me, Kenya would be bored or would have changed the behavior or position and it wasn’t photo worthy anymore.

Besides which she never could have related to a camera the way she related directly to a human.  Consequently we have very few photos of Kenya doing anything much.  The ones I posted on facebook of her draped on me next to Ginny are probably the cutest things she did that we have ever captured on film.

Kenya keeping watch while her charges sleep

Toddlers are much the same way.  An adult is almost constantly with Ginny, and we are always witness to cute stuff, adorable smiles, funny sayings and sweet moments.  However mommy and daddy are usually far too busy interacting with Ginny to bother with a camera.  Besides our hands are usually full.   So unless you have paparazzi following you around, it is very difficult to capture these moments.

There are exceptions to this.  Occasionally Ginny will sit still long enough for me to go fetch the camera  and get shots like this one of Ginny trying out our new sky chairs….okay they aren’t “new” precisely….we bought them 5 years ago and they have been languishing in our home office closet ever since.  waiting for us to have time to install them. ….and causing the occasional tussle when we attempt to extract the vacuum cleaner from that same closet.  ahem!          Now that they are up and enjoyable I can not understand what took us so long!  I envision lots of hours spent reading, talking or just sitting quietly enjoying the view.

Ginny in skychair

Yesterday at our Easter Egg Hunt however, a friend volunteered to be my own personal paparazzi and follow me around the yard as Ginny hunted eggs.  Martin was not really available – since he had hidden the eggs people were asking him questions and he was trying to be a good host.   I can’t really imagine a more boring job for an adult with no kids of his own than following a toddler around  yard,  but hey, he volunteered, so I told him where the camera was located and away we went.

Here is the result.

Love that look. Mischief waiting to happen.

And her hair is JUST starting to get long enough that it is starting to curl up at the back.  Maybe it will go into ringlets soon and stop looking like a mullet.  I’m trying not to stress about it.  Hey at least her hair has started growing!  For the longest time it just stayed the same.  Short and sparse.

Speaking of hair, click on that first Easter photo of me and Ginny —-you can see actual streaks of gray in my hair now!  How cool is that?  I love my silver.  My hair has been solidly one color for so long….. It’s like free highlights!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with family and friends and that God a huge part of your day.

2 thoughts on “of kitty cats and toddlers

  1. How nice for your friend to volunteer as your paparazzi. I need someone to do that for me. And to follow it up by being my volunteer scrapbooker! *sigh*
    I’m only a year behind on it now…Had to stop because I ran out of scrapbook. LOL
    Love, love your pictures of Ginny. And especially because I remember the journey you went through to find her!

    God is good.

    Hi Karen! I too am behind on scrapbooking. I have made ONE scrapbook. It was a compilation of all of Ginny’s first year photos and notes from all our friends to Mel (Ginny’s birthmom) on the occasion of Ginny’s first birthday. Turned out beautifully!
    and of course my own mom is still disgruntled that I didn’t make one for her too. *grin*


  2. You know why I love these shots? Because in your please-pick-us portfolio, you had pix of you with other people’s kids at Easter egg hunts. And now you have these pix.

    That makes me smile real big.

    Thank you Jesus.


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